Thursday, March 20, 2014

What inspires me may inspire you: color

Rainbow square hoop art
I recently read about the importance of choosing your brand's colors. I am going to just chose all of them. 

Rainbow swirl pillow
Hair pretties
Rainbow stego
When I was about eight I learned dogs can only see in black and white. My response was to bawl my eyes out. I was so sad dogs could not experience the world as I see it.  

Color is a wonderful gift from God. We don't really need it. Many cannot experience it. If you can, appreciate it.

Yes, I have a long relationship with color. It is starting to get serious.
Rainbow chunky scarf

Rainbow bow scarf
The Girl in the Lane Shop


  1. I love your sense of color, it's so bright! The swirl pillow is my favorite. I love making pieces and jamming as many colors as I possibly can into them, choosing all those pretty embroidery floss colors is just so lovely!

  2. I love your work for very similar reasons. :)