Thursday, May 22, 2014

What inspires me may inspire you: Andrew

This is Andrew (the one with the beard). He is my friend. He is my husband.

Maybe he does not directly inspire my art very often but I cannot do what I do without him. He encourages me and keeps me going. Too many times I have asked him for his opinion on color choice or if something was cute enough? He has no idea on such matters but he understands his input is important to me so he takes the question seriously.  

A little while back I asked Andrew what his favorite piece I have made is. He bought two paintings from me when we first started dating. This one is still his favorite.

I imagine it must be challenging be married to an artsy type. My ideas often make no sense. I have a hard time just watching TV and doing nothing. There is always a mess.  I think there is at least a little selfishness needed to create. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We just need to recognize this as artists and remember to thank those supporting us.

Thank you Andrew. I love you even if you did almost wipe your barbaric hands on one of my just finished fancy tea towels that one time and you love me even if I have almost accidentally stabbed you with a needle a few times. Just so you know, I also may have gotten colored pencil shavings in our bed once or twice. I guess it’s all part of the creative process.

Happy four years ago we got married day!

P.S. The two embroidery details are pieces on my White Bear inspired by Andrew. He is a fan of breakfast and books.

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