Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What inspires me may inspire you: my moms.

I grew up watching my mom's hands. They were always at work. Every time she sewed, crocheted, or quilted I wanted to know how I could get my hands to make what she could make. 

 She gave me a yellow lunch box full of the bits and pieces of embroidery floss from her finished cross stitch patterns. I gave her many many knots and my frustrations. I still have and use the old lunch box of thread but I've figured out how to untangle my own knots...most of the time. 

Thank you Mom. You have made me who I am.

Jane, my mother-in-law. She sews, quilts, and the like. She gives me supplies, advice, encouragement, babysitting, and a listening ear. 

Thanks Bammy.

"Why the buffalo?" you ask.

 For one thing, the buffalo is my mom's favorite animal. Also, even though neither my mom nor mother-in-law live out west, both of their hearts reside on some distant open prairie. Mine does too.

My favorite quotes from these women:
"You kiss boys you have to buy cribs." -Mom
"You're just this side of crazy aren't you Andrea." -Jane
Happy Mother's Day to all.

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