Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A peek at my journal: looking back

I have kept a journal/sketch book since I was very young. Today I finished my latest and added it to the pile. Ending a journal and starting a new one holds for me a greater distinction in the chapters of my life than the change of years or even a birthday. Just looking at the cover I immediately know what joys and sorrows, mistakes and growth I experienced in the time I filled those pages. There are also countless silly, stupid, wonderful memories. How cool is that Lisa Frank dalmatian notebook by the way? I was rocking it as a third grader.

I know what is in there but I have actually read very little of these books. I want to. To start and because I finished a journal today, I looked back at some of the artwork I have done. I found quite a few gems so I'll have to share more some other time. Here are a few of my favorites in no particular order. 

Like I said I will have to share more with you later but much I never will share because this is my journal and you are the internet. Sorry. 

I don't even know but I like. 
My guess is the toddler version of Avia was directing this.

10 points to whoever recognizes this. It's all about the points.

Sophomore self-portrait. 

Kindergarten self-portrait.

This is every color in a big box of crayons in color order.
 It also might be proof that I'm a big ol' nerd.

Looking back at the art contained in my books was a fun first step in reading them. I think I will have to go through them slowly. It was already pretty painful. On the up side being inspired by your own old art is quite rewarding. 

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  1. I got 10 points! Points for you if you remember the name of the literary journal I attempted to start that featured that hatted whale on the first (and only) cover!

  2. And mega-points if you can figure out why I recalled without scrolling up that the whale was wearing a hat, but neglected to mention that it has wings. (Don't strain yourself, it's one of the mysteries of the ages)

    1. Ha. I have no idea Val. I remembered it was the cover of something.

    2. It was called "Cool Beans" and featured only one piece (a poem) that was not written or drawn by one of the three Sutton sisters.