Tuesday, February 18, 2014

White Bear

This is my White Bear.

This is an original design I hand embroidered.

 White bears remind me of my daughter Jamie who passed away shortly after birth. That is where this project started. For me this piece represents life continuing after loss.

 I do not mean for this piece to be sad. I was actually very happy as I made it and I want to show that there can be peace and joy. It is a very personal piece which I did not intend to sell originally but for me the healing was in the making. I love it and I want someone else to love it as well.

When you lose anyone you love you do not get over it and you do not move on. You move forward. You continue with life. 

The loss is always there and it takes its part in shaping your world. This is a good thing.

Loss can build strength.

Loss can create compassion.

Loss can bring beauty.


  1. A wonderful way of expressing your emotions and inner growth. great spirit. it is nice knowing you.

  2. Beautiful to see how positive you are and that you've found the strength to transform your sadness into something that is bright, lovely, gentle and lively. It's (your positivity and this result) very inspiring!

  3. Thank you. I am glad you were inspired. It is why I share.

  4. Your White Bear brought tears to my eyes Andrea. God bless you and your family. Take care now. Marion x

    1. Aww. I am glad you were moved. You felt emotion. I must have made art!