Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year

I have been thinking about new year's resolutions and came to the conclusion that I don't really have any. I have goals but they are nothing new. I guess I hesitate to make new year's resolutions because I want to stay open to what God has in mind for me this year. I hesitate to say, "I will do this thing by such and such a date" because maybe that is not what I am supposed to do. Too often I have done what I am not supposed to do and maybe this year can be different. 

As I mentioned, I do have goals and I know I need to be intentional about my actions or no progress will ever happen. The thing is I need those actions to come from daily openness to what God wants me to do. Only when I am intentional about doing what He intends for me to do can I find any achievement. I guess my new year's resolution is and always will be taking the next little baby step He shows me.  
One way or another there will be pretty and colorful creations to come. I have so many ideas. One of my goals is having some sort of success with my art before December 31st, 2014. What does success look like? That is a hard one. Consistent sales would be nice of course. Really though success would not be worrying about it. Success is the joy found in creating what He wants me to make. Life is short. Money comes and money goes. I just want to make the images He brings to my brain. It is how I was created to worship.

Do not get me wrong, I am broken. I do the wrong thing and I do worry as well. I will keep on creating even if all I can do is draw with a stick in the sand. I love to make and if I can live off of that someday I would be pleased as punch but I will create even if I cannot make a dime off of it. My point is I don't want to worry about how I will make the dimes. I just want to make the art.

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