Friday, January 17, 2014

What inspires me may inspire you: Avia

My daughter, Avia turned 8 today. 

I am no cake decorator. I really don't see the point of putting all that effort into something you eat. I am however a little too proud of the cake I made for her. It was simple, cute, and I didn't even need pinterest to come up with the idea.

If I had the imagination and energy she has in one of her little fingers, oh the things I could make. She is kind and smart and funny and beautiful. I’m her mom so I could go on and on.I’ll try my best to stick to how she inspires me in my art.

She has opened up the world of enchanted forests, magical moons, and yes, of course, unicorns to me. Many many unicorns.

She believes in bright colors and mismatched patterns right along with me, but she and I are very different. She makes pictures with words which I think I am starting to pick up from her. She also enjoys making a craft exactly like it is in the picture. This is a completely foreign idea to me. I typically make things my own way but her approach to creating makes me think. I need to work on following directions as well as she does so I can learn new skills and improve on the ones I have.

These are all ways Avia inspires me but mostly she inspires me because I love her. She is sweet and funny. She is young and lovely. Watching her just be herself makes me want to create something she will adore. She can be found in much of what I make.

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!
detail of rainbow stegosaurus

My Avia inspires me. What inspires you?

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  1. Avia is amazing and we love her very much! Grandpa

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