Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What I made for her. What I made for me.

This is what I made Avia this year for Christmas, minus the headband I already shared because her brother opened early for her. She loves unicorns. I embroidered this shirt for. She said, "I love it even if the unicorn does look kind of fat."

I think the chub is cute myself. The rainbow hair was fun to sew. I wish it showed up better in the picture. Need a new camera.

She got her ears pierced earlier this year. Cute girly fabric + embroidery hoop = perfectly cute earring holder. 

I just finished my Christmas present to myself. I didn't start it until after Christmas but that is beside the point.  
My friend gave me this hoodie years ago. It came to her from some mystery source. Less of a mystery. More that I do not remember. She gave it to me because she didn't like it. I never like it either because there was a big pimp, gold-toothed, skull on the front. You read that right. Complete with the feathered hat and all. 

I was going to get rid of it but I've always liked its fit and feel. I decided to up-cycle it. I was going to include a before picture but I didn't really want to put pimp skull on my page. 

It was a fun project, good practice, and a little shameless self-promotion never hurt anyone...maybe...I think...hope. 

Avia called it my uniform hoodie for my company. The husband said it is very "me" which it is and I hope that is a good thing. I call it warm.


  1. I love your stuff, Andrea! I've vowed to do better planning, and shop your page when I've got gifts to give. Love the chubby unicorn :)

    1. Thank you. There will be much more by next Christmas. I'm always open to custom orders too if you have something in mind. Just contact me. Thanks again for your kind words.